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*facepalm* Way to be stupid Internet

So I just discovered that some silly video I made about 5 years ago for a fandom I thought was fairly dead has been making the rounds on tumblr... and accompanied by the usual cloud of fail.

(FYI the vid was this little bit I'd written down for one of the voice actors read for one of the comms here on livejournal for the show. I'll admit it was exactly the most well thought out script but I was trying to be funny and reference inside jokes from the comm.)

Now tumblr apparently has seen fit to lay hate all over the actor for this because of one slightly politically incorrect fat joke in the video. And yeah on one level I get it, there's a lot of messed up body image crap out there and a lot of women suffer from poor body image. As a not skinny person I'm VERY aware of this.

But I could really not give two fucks about all the people supposedly offended by this. I'm not going to apologize for it. I made it a long time ago as a joke (which it says so on the video that it was done for the lolz.) and I still think it's funny in the context of the show. Could I maybe have come up with something for him to say that was equally funny and didn't involve that particular joke? Probably. But it's over and done with and Im not going to be ashamed of a little political incorrectness in a world that is chock-a-box FULL of jokes MUCH worse than this (dead baby jokes for examples... which really shouldnt be funny but I can't help myself.) And frankly stupid fangirls should get off the actor's back because he was reading a script.

Furthermore if we eliminated all politically incorrect humor from the world... there would not be a lot of comedy left in it.

On the brightside it's nice to see that I could care less about the stupid things complete strangers said about me for "making the actor do that." At the time I made the vid I would have taken every asinine thing said way too much to heart and been upset about it for days. Now I'm just like: "Psh. Whatever. If this is how you spend your time you clearly have nothing better to do."

Anyways I just think it's ridiculous people did/are/will get riled up about this and if this offends them they should maybe avoid the internet period cause this is where ALL the inappropriate things live.
Hi internet. Been a bit busy of late. Trying to figure out how to manage my internet time with so many social media platforms and unfortunately LJ tends to get neglected simply because I haven't found a good Android app for it yet. Suggestions anyone?

I Promise I'm Still Alive

Really I am. I've just been insanely busy... or at least it feels like I have been. Esp right now cause I got a role in a play and have been in rehearsals since the beginning of July and I was on vacation the first two weeks of June and I'm not really sure what happened between Christmas and June. Life? I dunno, I fail. Sorry. Commence the throwing of the vegetables.

I haven't meant to be a total spazz about LJ I'm just not impressed with any of the LJ apps I've found on Android and Twitter is so much easier to use. If you has the Twitter, message me for my handle! (I dont wanna put it up here in case the strange Russian spambots decide to use it.)

I can't promise I won't disappear again for several months, but I'll try harder this time. (That is assuming anybody actually still has me on thier LJ feed. I wont be offended if no one does.)

*peeks head out of Hobbit Hole*

Yes I'm alive. I've just been cray cray busy with the holidays and then being broke as feck after the holidays and now I'm taking 2 classes at the Community College (after seven years of owning a guitar I'm FINALLY learning how to play it. Go me! And sewing. Because I need to get better.)

But I am still alive mein lieblings, never fear. I hang out on Twitter a fair amount now. Message me if you want my handle.

I gotta go nap now, I can barely keep my head up.

Because now that my Birthday is over (HOMG U GUISES!!! GINNIFER GOODWIN TWEETED ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!)
And also because today is Festivus! (BREAK OUT THE ALUMINUM POLES!)

Time for a little Xmas Meme-age:

5 Presents You Most Hope You to Get:
1. Hark! A Vagrant anthology by Kate Beaton
2. The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski by Adam Bertocci
3. Close to Me Willow Tree Figurine
4. Season 6 of Doctor Who
5. Gift Certificate to Modcloth.com

5 Presents You Really Want but Will Never Ask For/Buy Yourself:
1. Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars (OMG want SO BAD!)
2. The Stargate SG-1 Complete Box set *in the shiny pretty cube*
3. A REAL vacation *like one of those Carnival Cruises or a Week in London*
4. A dress like that Armani one I got to wear once *I felt so damn GOOD in that dress...why didn't I steal it from the costume cage???*
5. An Overlocking Sewing Machine(aka Serger) so I never again have to deal with fraying seams.

5 Presents You Never Want to Receive Again:
1. That sweater that made me look like my mum
2. Scrunchies & butterfly clips. Those need to STAY in the 90's
3. An IOU marked paid in full from my mother (Nice mom. REAL nice.)
4. A box of cookies I was allergic to...
5. Giftcard to stores that don't exist anymore.

Edit: And apparently my stupid LJ never posted this on Festivus. Oh well...HAPPY BOXING DAY!!!

Further Edit: Aaaand yup. I got absolutely NONE of the top 5 things I wanted. Got some nice gifts but still...I was really hoping for these ones.
One. What is your middle name? Aine. It's the Gaelic version of Anne but you pronounce is like Anya.
Two. What are you passionate about?
Three. Zebra or leopard print? Neither, but if I had to choose. Zebra. Classic Black and White.
Four. Do you have any fears?  Bees/Hornets/Etc., Falling from heights, Dying alone
Five. Silver or gold? Depends on the outfit. I generally perfer silver but don't object to gold.
Six. Top three places to visit. That I've been: NYC, Paris, Barcelona. That I want to go to: Vienna, Oahu, The Caribbean
Seven. How many siblings do you have?  One sister.
Eight. Where are you from? Born in South Bend IN, but native by proxy of Santa Fe NM.
Nine. First career you wanted as a child. ...I think I wanted to be Indiana Jones. Yeah...I wanted to be Indy. Or Han Solo. I can't remember.
Ten. What’s your sign? Sagittarius Fire Tiger. Be afraid.
Eleven. Future names of your children. Uh... hadn't really thought about it. Not really in a I want children place yet.
Twelve. Do you have any pets? One beta fish Named Captian America, fondly called Cap.
Thirteen. What are you listening to right now? Straight No Chaser. Sexy acapella men are sexy.
Fourteen. Do you believe in fate/destiny? I think that because we live time linearly there is no way of knowing. But I like the idea that there's a purpose behind things.
Fifteen. What are your career goals? One kind of needs a career to have goals.
Sixteen. What is your favorite color? Blupleen *blue/purple/green*
Seventeen. What is your favorite flower? Magnolia Blossom. I love how they smell. Also Daffodils. They're just happy flowers.
Eighteen. What was the first concert/show you attended? The first one I remember attending is at the age of 4 when Sharon Lois and Brahm's Elephant Show came to Raleigh. But I'm sure I was taken to something before that.
Nineteen. Something you are working on right now. Trying to ACTUALLY finish something I started writing. Even if it is silly fanfic.
Twenty. Have you ever had a near-death experience? Not per se. At least none comes to mind.
Twenty-one. Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? Hahahahah. Really? You have to ask? I'm a TOTAL Procrastinator.
Twenty-three. TV Shows you watch regularly. Too many to list them all. Top five are Mad Men, Once Upon a Time, Hawaii Five-0, Warehouse 13 and Bones
 Twenty-four. Where do you work? A hotel.
Twenty-five. Halloween costume idea for this year? I'd really love to be Wednesday Addams. But I'm not sure how to behead a doll.
Twenty-six. What is your relationship status? Committed 25 year relationship with myself. We're doing alright at this juncture.
Twenty-seven. Last movie you just watched? Persuasion. The recent BBC version.
Twenty-eight. Your best friend’s name. I'm not picking just one because I have more than one. So there stupid meme!
Twenty-nine. A song that’s been stuck in your head? Adele's Someone Like You
 Thirty. A book you want to read/have recently read. Want to read: Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. Recently read: The Blue Sword

Beta for Loki Fic? Please?

Hi El-Jay!!!

I need your helps!!! I'm writing a Loki fic ala Thor/Marvel verse and need a Beta. Mostly cause at this point all that's running thorugh my heads is: CrapI'mStuck and THIS SUCKS SO F-ING MUCH!! WHY WOULD ANYONE READ THIS!!!

So I kind of need someone else to look at it and go, No Imp, only THIS part sucks. The rest is pretty good.

So anybody wanna Beta a Loki/OC fic? (swear to god she's not a sue!)

*Also I need a help icon...and more icon space. Anybody wanna gift me some for my birthday/Christmas?

Freaking Out a Bit!

Because the problem with not having heath insurance is that when you think you might have to go see a doctor for something, you have no idea what to do!

I mean do you have to go to one those free clinics? Are they still going to charge you a ridiculous amount of money? I mean seriously, life was easier when you had insurance, you had a doctor and you knew where to go. Or at least in college where was the Student Health Services.

Because while I'm not sure there's an actual problem yet...I'm kinda freaking out over what I'm supposed to do when if there is one. So if anyone has any advice, please PLEASE give it.

Meme Time Like WHOA!

Ganked from the loverly a_phoenixdragon because hers made me giggle so I figured you all could use a few chuckles as well.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Hark! Who is that, running along the desert! It is Impetusofadream, hands clutching a vorpal blade! And with a booming bellow, her voice cometh:

"I'm seriously going to use you like a hand puppet!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

And to be frank all this reminds me of is this HORRIBLE yet amusing Macro: http://www.lolroflmao.com/2011/07/04/i-miss-you-in-my-ass/

You have been sufficiently MEMEd for the day. Enjoy.




*throws confetti*


*huggles 3PO*

Mississippi Personhood Amendment

Originally posted by gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment
I'm usually not very political, but this needs to be addressed. ASAP! PLEASE REPOST!!!

Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.

Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.

Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.

What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.

So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.

If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.

What to do?

- Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.

- If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.

- You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.

- Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

In Which We Discuss My Issues...

Of which there are many.

However today we are only discussing one issue. The fact that my brain is totally, completley and utterly fixated on this:

For those of you who don't know THIS is Loki, as played by Tom Hiddleston in Marvel's recent movie THOR.

And I cannot for the life of me stop thinking about him! And I'm not talking about intellectual thinking! And the funny part? This is what I was totally fixated on when the movie first came out:

Fuck yes this (aka Thor) is hot as fuck...but let's examine the difference between the two shall we?

Thor, though spectacularly gorgeous...is a bit of a dumb fuck. He's not unintelligent...he just doesn't think shit through. He's all about winning throuhg brawn as opposed to oh say: actual battle strategy. He means well but it doesn't exactly work out well for him. And he's kinda full of himself. Yes self-confidence is a turn on...but not when it to the point where your ego barely fits in the room.

Loki on the other hand, is ALL about using the ol' noggin. And he's snarky and witty and sarcastic and has that fucking fantastic combination of pale complextion, dark hair and stunning eyes *though in this case a lovely green as opposed to my usual kryptonite of blue* Not to mention he has MAGIC! *imagine all the wonderful things you could do with that!*

So yes Thor is cut like the Hope Diamond and I would not say no to that if it came knocking at my door...but there's just SOMETHING about Loki that this time around I'm noticing that I didn't the first time. *and it doesn't hurt that Tom Hiddleston's accent is sexy as FUCK, no lie he's going on the list of people who could read me the phone book and I'd still be in heaven.*

So yup...I have issues. I really really need to find some people who are not fictional characters/people I will NEVER meet to start fantasizing about. Because this is going to get unhealthy at some point...but ooo hot DAMN both those men are fine like lemon lime!
So I had this idea

To try and recreate the journey that Phileas Fogg and Passepartout take in Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days. And by recreate I mean RECREATE. As in as accurately as possible, with no planes, no cars, the same route if it's possible and even, conceivably if I can find one, carrying everything in a carpet bag. And of course finishing the circumnavigation of the Globe in the requisite 80 days. I'd even try to start and end in London as opposed to somewhere here in the States (unless of course it becomes SUPER expensive to do that.)

Granted there are a few points to take into consideration:
1) It would take me a GOOD long while to save up the money for this.
2) I'd rather like to have my own Passepartout along for the adventure (I don't really expect to find my own Aouda, but you never know).
3) It will also take a fair amount of work to find out if it's even possible to travel in the same manner that our favorite adventurers did. (For example, I'm fairly certain the railroad in India is now complete, so I'm not sure if I could even FIND an elephant to travel on, much less how practical it would be since the railroad is finished.)

And I was thinking I could like turn the adventure into a travel blog! Give it a witty title and write every night about my adventures that day. Not that I expect it to become like the next Eat,Pray, Love or Julie, Julia but I think it would be fun none the less.

Considering the time I feel it would take to get this all sorted, I figure that maybe it would be something I give myself about 5 years to work on and then have a big milestone adventure to celebrate my turning 30. *oh....oh god is it really only 5 years until I'm thirty. Nooooo, it's too soon! Lemme go back to kindergarten!!!!*

So thoughts anyone? Anyone want to be my Passepartout? I'm taking refferences! And if you happen to have formal training as a valet/ladies maid...EVEN BETTER! *though all your travel things will have to fit in my carpet bag ;D

You know I was having a pretty good day despite not feeling completely one hundred percent.

I got a great new haul of comics. I got three new pairs of shoes for under $30 bucks. I got the leak in my tire fixed.

It was a pretty good day.

And then I get to work. And I've been here about an hour and a half and I'm feeling a rumbly in my tumbly. So I go to the kitchen to grab the cheese spread I'd forgotten to take home this morning and my OJ. Now I feel I should mention this is not just any cheese spread. This is Wisconsin Kaukauna Port Wine Cheese Spread. The kind that's like $5+ for a little 8 oz. tub.

So back to the kitchen. Where I'm opening up the fridge. And I see my Orange Juice...but no cheese spread. So I look in the other fridge. No Cheese. I look in the Housekeeping fridge. No. Cheese. So I tear through both fridges in the kitchen again. NO. Fricking. CHEESE!

So clearly. Someone. Ate. MY FRICKING CHEESE! The cheese I had JUST OPENED the night before and couldn't have more than an ounce missing from it. GONE. THE CHEESE THAT I ONLY BUY WHEN IT'S ON SALE BECAUSE IT'S SO GOD DAMN EXPENSIVE YET TASTY.

You cannot fathom the rage simmering within me right now. I am beyond annoyed. I am FURIOUS! Because clearly, that's not an item that the hotel buys. And it's not in the fridge where the peoplewho are here for lunch time keep their food. SO WHY WOULD ANYONE POSSIBLELY THINK, HEY I SHOULD EAT THIS CHEESE BECAUSE SOMEONE JUST LEFT IT HERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I want nothing more than to hunt down these Cheesestealers and make them wish they'd never come to work yesterday. Because it's not like the cheese was almost empty. It was still full. You had to have either have had a very large appetite...or shared that with at LEAST one other person.

I am just so angry because I was having a good day and then fricking happens. I just want to go outside and scream and hit things until I collapse in exhaustion. *Or that you know I was actually River Song and could go shoot up Daleks and Nazis until I felt better*

I think I might just have to setle for "borrowing" a pillow and screaming into it until my face turns blue. But this is NOT OVER. I'm going to find out what happened to my cheese. One way or another.

*have some fun with memes*

Annnnd now: MEME TIME!

from the effervescent lariren_shadow

Reply with "fuck yes fierce ladies (and awesome dudes too)" and I'll give you four fandoms. Write about your favorite character in each.

A:tLA- Zuko. Duh. He was way more interesting of a character than Aang. Total the protagonist imo. *FYI I learned this in my screenwriting class. In Movies and TV, the protagonist is the person who changes most from the beginning to the end, not necessarily the person who is the main focus of the story. For example in Back to the Future, Marty is the focus, but his dad is actually the protagonist. And it follows that the antagonist is the person who most influences that change i.e. Marty*

I'm also a big fan of Sokka, Iroh and Toph. I liked Katara in season 1 and most of season 2, but then in season 3 she just REALLY got on my nerves.

True Blood- Hands down Eric Northman. Hot damn that Viking Vampire is all kinds of all-powerful, predator sexy FINE! And oh. my. LORD. CuteAmnesiac!Eric was so freaking CUTE!!!! I wanted to cuddle up with him and listen to him tell stories about the "Old Country".

I really really REALLY like Jesus to, and was really sad with how his character arc ended this season.
But pretty much though 90% of the characters on that show annoy me and I want to feed them all to Eric.

Doctor Who- Donna Noble. I think she's been the companion I've identified most with. Not that I don't LOVE the Doctor to bits, but I just saw a lot of myself in Donna and it was nice to see someone have no qualms about telling the Doctor when he's being an arse. And even though I LOATHED how RTD chose to end her story arc I really loved how she always thought she wasn't all that special and she ends up being the most awesomest Timey Wimey Person in the history of EVER!

I also gotta love me some Eleventy! Ten was great, really he was, and it's not that I didn't love him. It's just there's something about Matt Smith that makes me utterly BELIEVE that he is this 900+ year old alien in the body of a 20-something. It's just fascinating to watch him BE the Doctor. One minutes he's this excited, almost manic with energy child-like creature. And then SNAP!, you see this impossibly old man looking at you and you SEE the weight of all he's lived through even though he barely looks older than me. Ten was a brilliant Ten, but Eleventy is a brilliant Doctor.

Amy and Rory Williams aslo get my love. And Sexy(aka The TARDIS). I'm still deciding about River. Her character is massively intriguing but I don't know if I trust her enough to put her on my favorites list yet.

Harry Potter- *holds up frying pan to fend of the haters for the upcoming answer* Yeeeah. Draco Malfoy. Which in part was/is hugely fueled by my year in high school spent living in Ireland. I was cut off from all my friends in the states cause Facebook didn't exist yet, not really doing well at making friends at my school there cause America was not in a good international light then. So I pretty much retreated into fandom to keep from losing all my sanity. I devoured probably TERABYTES of fanfiction and frankly most of the best writers were writing stories about Draco Malfoy. I know that JKR says she doesn't get why people like him because "Draco, who, whatever he looks like, is not a nice man." And I'm not about to try and defend all of his actions, because really some of them are NOT nice. But I think JKR doesn't give her own creation enough credit. There's a clear difference between say Moldy Voldy and Draco. Moldy's just a sadistic bastard. Draco is yes, a bully and a bit of an arse. But I think at heart he's a decent enough person because hi: HE DIDN'T KILL DUMBLYDORE! And we never actually see what he's like after he's figured out that: Hey all the crap my dad (and to an extent my mum) raised me on is a bunch of bull. I mean really what child would know to act any differently if they've never been exposed to decent human interaction. And frankly he's a fun character to write. It's interesting to try and come up with plausible reasons for WHY he is the way he is...and how exactly a person would find themselves on the other side(aka inside) of his walls. Because believe you me that boy has walls to rival China's. Yes, I will admit the initial draw was fandom Draco...but I like to think the Draco I write has little to do with leather pants, being a sex god and charming snarkery.

Fred & George Weasley also deserve some love. Because really in my ideal fantasy life, I'd totally be dating/engaged/married to a guy like the twins. They know how to have a smashing good time, but aren't incapable of turning the goof off. And they're charming and snarky and totally like my inner monologue. Not that they don't totally deserve the giant paragraph that I wrote for Draco...I just don't quite have to defend myself form being labeled a scary fan girl for being a Weasley Girl than being a Malfoy Girl.

Luna Lovegood as well makes the list. Because there's something to be said for a character that dances to their own tune, no matter how crazy everyone around them thinks they are. There's a quiet strength to her that I love and I cannot express the amount of my sadness that she did not end up married to Neville. I thought they were a REALLY great pairing from a literary stand-point. But then again I'm still pissed off about the whole Oedipal Complex nature of Harry/Ginny so excuse me while I go grouse about JKR's lack of understanding proper literary romance.

And from the loverly [info]a_phoenixdragon

1. Reply to this post with "UNICORNS", and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

And the icons she chose were (and I'm apparently completely incapable of keeping track of who made my icons so apologies if you made on of these and you're not credited):

It does DEATH! - I love this icon to bits because it combines two of my favorite things: Star Wars and Eddie Izzard. Because honestly everytime I see this icon I just imagine Eddie in his transvestite garb, with his hand of his mouth doing the Darth Vader voice saying: "I will have the Penne Arrabiata...Do you know who I am? I am Darth Vader. Im Darth Vader, Sir Lord Vader, Sir Lord Darth Vader, Lord Darth Sir Lord Vader of Cheam, Sir Lord Baron von Vaderham." (*You know, nevermind that "It Does DEATH!" is actually from the bit BEFORE Deathstar Cantina. It still makes me giggle like a madwoman*)

Kronk Shoulder Devil - The Emperor's New Groove is maybe not my favorite Disney movie ever...but it's on the top 10 list. I quote it ALL. THE. TIME. I especially like to sing the Happy Birthday Song from the Restaurant in the Middle of the Jungle to people. And not that Pacha and Kuzco weren't hilarious. But Kronk was totally my favorite character. And I LOVED how his little Shoulder Devil and Angel would pop up and give him advice...usually with the Devil wining of course! But this picture comes from when Izma has just called Kronk a big stoopid monkey and The Shoulder Devil is jumping to his defense. It's one of my favorite icons to you when i'm pissed off and wish I could just stick things with a pitchfork.

Eleventy: It's been a while... - I mean really? Do I needs to explain this one? Oh fine. Seriously though, I loved that moment when Amy just jumps the Docotr and for all of 10 seconds he's almost agreeing to do what she wants because HEY, it HAS been awhile. The look on Eleventy's face is just priceless. And because I'm lame and don't have a paid account and so only have 15 icons spaces, it serves as my all purpose romancey/pronzy/luffy icon.

Hatter Smile - If you have not seen Syfy's Alice (thier mini-series that re-imagined the Alice in Wonderland story) you are MISSING OUT. Seriously. And this mini-series...it made me understand WHY people ship Alice/Hatter. Because look at the man. HE'S SEXY FINE!!! WITH A SHIT-EATING DEVILISH GRIN OF OH GOD YES PLEASE! And when you consider that this came out about 3-4 months before Tim Burton's Mindfuck version...yeah, I was NOT impressed with Johnny Depp Hatter when I could have this one.

Huh? aka Luke's NEVER got a clue - Because really I think the way I named the icon says it all. Luke is a moron and putting the spooky white armor of suck on him just makes him more of an idiot. And idiots are just too much fun to make fun of. *and to be fair...I don't have a clue A LOT of the time. But I at least don't whine about wanting to go down to the Tosche Station to pick up some power converters. And I look WAY hotter in black.*

And for an extra bonus you can has this as a teaser of my next post:

Awkward Turtle...Swimming Away Now.

...This kid (well he's a kid to me. He only just finished High School* I met on set while being an extra for 'Odd Thomas' just drunk messaged me on Facebook...and asked me to have casual sex with him...which he followed up with saying he'd totally have sex with me sober too.


Excuse me while I take a bath in bleach.

I am Actually Still Alive

And have been being a GIANT tool lately for not keeping with all of your postings my lovely f-list.

My only excuse is that Darth Real Life has been cracking the whip and frankly I'm a bit afraid of being Force Choked so I've been doing as he says.

Which was mainly, Normal Job, Extra Work and sleep because Extra work is fucking LONG ASS hours. But on the plus side:


And The Mummy (aka Arnold Vosloo) walked past us...shirtless. Hot Damn that man still looks fine.

AND I GOT SHOT AT!!! *in the movie not in real life. Only movie shootings are fun to be excited about.)

Not to mention my dance classes (I still think I'm absolutely bonkers for thinking that participating in the showcase at the end of this month was a good idea.) and actually trying to have a life with friends and stuff.

It's hard being a "grown-up."

And I know, I KNOW, I'm like super behind on responding to people and I swear I will get on that asap. I don't want you all to think you don't matter to me, because you totally do.

I will be MASSIVELY MIA this weekend because I'm going to visit my cousin in Atlanta, although I do have an iPod Touch now, so I might try to keep up for once on the weekends.

More soon from Crazyville!

~Hugs and Kisses F-list!
Hi F-list!

I wrote a fanfiction!!!!

It's for the new follow up to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The new show is called Legend of Korra, and I just couldn't resist writing a little one shot about the newest Avatar and one of her companions!

So follow the linky and PLEASE review even if you think it's terrible!

It's All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating


From ladyhadhafang ;D

1. Turn on iPod/MP3 Player/iTunes/whatever the hell music player you use.
2. Put it onto shuffle.
3. Answer the questions with the title/content of the songs that occur, whether it makes sense or not.
4. Have fun!

It is full of crack and snarky commentary for shizzle.


WARNING! Snarkery Ahead. Proceed at Own Cost ;)Collapse )


*Firstly Up Yours El Jay for having a jacked up website and making my re-type this*

Secondly, as you might be aware I'm a big fan of True Blood and the books the show is based on. And this current season is supposed to be based on my favorite book of the series. So needless to say that I was very excited for tonight's season premiere; only what actually happened well...

Cut for SpoilersCollapse )

I'm sorry but like seriously I will cut a bitch and stop fucking watching if Alan Ball has screwed up this season. I love Book Four WAY to much for it to be mutilated like this.

Otherwise I had a really REALLY great weekend though and will hopefully be able to re-cap for you asap!

Writer's Block: Leaping from the page

Which comic book character would you like to see on the silver screen? Who would you cast to play the role?

Almost no one is going to know about this because it's FANTASTICALLY old but I'd really like to see Fantomah brought back to life. I wish I could remember who on deviant art had done this really great reimagining of it, and I think it'd be FANTASTIC!

In terms of casting...hmm, why can I not think of anyone suitable???

Anyone have any suggestions?

I know it says she was blonde in teh Wiki page, but it also says she was an Egyptian Priestess...so I'd kind of rather cast someone who actually looks like they could be from Egypt.


Things I am NOT allowed to do today:

1.Hit stupid people in the face with large fish

2.Glare at everyone who annoys me until they burst into flames

3.Use the guest who swore at me as target practice for throwing sharp pointy objects at

4.Steal the remote from the tv in the lobby so that Percy Jackson will keep playing.

5.Break everything in the kitchen at work because all the food kept attacking me this morning.

6.Yell at anyone at work.

7.Throw things in a mad tantrum because I left my wallet at home and cannot get my coffee.

8.Pretend to be Anakin Skywalker faced with a large village of Sand People.

9.Summon a demon to punish everyone who has and/or will make my day crap.

10.Murdalize anyone...it's illegal. And generally involves jail. Jail would NOT be fun.

Sigh. Head, meet desk. You shall become WELL acquainted today. And knowing me this is going to bleed into my dance lesson later and I'm just going to get even more frustated when I start fucking up all the things I should know and end up losing my temper at my teacher. Yup, today is going to ROYALLY suck on toast.

*does to hide under a blanket with a stash of junk food, a pile of books and a flashlight...and I'm NOT coming out until it's tomorrow*


I GET TO LEGALLY FUCKING STALK CHEKOV, PAVEL ANDREIVICH!!! FUCK YES!!!! *ok well not stalk but I get to spend like 8+ hours in close proximity to him! EEEEEEEE!!!!*

Seriously, you should have seen my happy gleeful dance of joy when I got the call from the casting agency. I was practically over the moon!

Pretty much, today is going to be the best day ever! (you know after you subtract out the fact I'll be living off of coffee and getting like almost no sleep and missing out on the Practice Party at the dance studio.) BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES I GET TO BE IN A FUCKING MOVIE!!!!


No I have to go home and get ready like a BOSS! I'll give you all the details I'm not legally bound under a nondisclosure agreement to keep secret this evening if I can stay awake!


Let the Clusterf*ck of Stupid Commence

I am normally not a violent person. At least not in reality. But I swear on all that is sacred int eh world that if the new guy at work does not stop pissing me the fuck off with his complete and utter stupid...there will be blood. LOTS of blood.

Seriously like I need a nickname for this dude, it's that's bad. I'm currently leaning towards Village Idiot...or Lord Wastus of Spasus. Like really he's just completley incapable of listening. I've two him at least twice to please put the bills facing to the left not right in the trays...and every fucking morning which way are they facing...RIGHT! Like it's not complicated. LISTEN!

I clearly do not suffer fool easily. Of course I blame most of the problems on the fact that one one gets properly trained here anymore. *not that I'm going to do much about it. It makes me look better since I actually KNOW what I'm doing* Ugh, I just want to like grab my carrot peeler and eviscerate him!

I'm also supremely pissed off because I have to retype up about 15 pages of my "screenplay" that's due for my class because Celtx mysterious just ate them, even though the file is still the same size it was when I saved it. Not that it'll be too difficult because I'm doing an adaptation of one of my favorite books, but it's just a hassle since I only had like 11 more pages to do before.

I'm seriously just massively put out today and someone is going to get snapped at with my fuse being this short. I can guarantee it.




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